Call Thekedar is your one stop solution for finding the widest range of Contractors, Vendors, Specialized Agencies and more. We believe in bridging the gap between the client/customer and the "Thekedar" by providing a platform:

  • To client/customer/owner to find the right "Thekedar" from a diverse pools of Contractor/ Vendor/ Specialized agencies to meet their end needs.
  • To help and promote the local skilled "Thekedars" to highlight their expertise and find them the right job.

We would like to bring more recognition and visibility to contractors and suppliers who are already working in this construction industry. Client/ Customers can also opt for the nearest available reputed contractors which in turn will provide cost effective solutions.

Why Call Thekedar?

We have a diverse team of experts from various backgrounds who use their experience and expertise in creating and upgrading the pool of highly efficient and productive Contractors, Vendors, and Specialized agencies to help meet your need. Our sole motto is to strive for 100% customer satisfaction by understanding and meeting their requirements. Our team has worked in this field and has many years of experience.